Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride on a Budget

There’s now several, economical options for brides to be. But what about the non-traditional bride? Here’s some budget friendly dress and outfit options (all for under $300).

Dresses for the Mature Bride

Mature Bride Wedding Dress

1. Sharagano 2-Piece Skirted Suit, $159.00 at
2.One Shoulder Ivory Lace Dresses by eDressme NewYork, $152 at
3. In The Present, Embroidered Sleeveless Dress, $59.99 at

Mature Bride Wedding Dress

4. BR Monogram goddess dress – Sugar cookie white, $279 at Banana Republic
5. Golden Y-Neck Dress, $168 at

Dresses for the Pregnant Bride

maternity wedding dress

1. Strapless Ruched Maternity Dress, $275.00 at Destination
2. GapMaternity: Long ruffle dress – new silver lake, on sale for $44.99 at Gap
3. Liz Lange for Target Strapless Sateen Maxi – White, $49.99 at Target

Vegas Bride

vegas wedding dress

1. Silver One Shoulder Dresses, $97.00 at eDressMe
2. Long Gold Dress, on sale for $169.00 at
3. Gunmetal Glam Knit Ruched Drape-Front Tube Dress, on sale for $58.00 at

Beach Bride

Beach Wedding Dress

1. Women’s Eyelet-Trim Sundresses – Bright White, $29.50 at
2. Michael Kors Sweetheart-Neckline Strapless Textured Dress MICHAEL Michael Kors Sweetheart-Neckline Strapless Textured Dress $159.50, at
3. JS Boutique Beaded Crisscross Matte Jersey Gown, $178.00 at

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  1. Judy says

    The RED DRESS is to die for but then it IS my favorite color. I don’t know why I didn’t have the courage to wear red on my own wedding day.  When one of my best friends did recently I really want to “re-do” my wedding day again!

    I can also add an historical note here…Victorian artist Evelyn De Morgan(1955-1919) wore a rose madder (red) dress on her wedding day in 1887 but then she too was an iconoclast!

  2. says

    I believe my mom wore a white suit to her wedding.  While certainly not traditional, I think it can be a classy choice, and not as easily dated as a lot of the alternatives out there.  I did up ending a traditional large white dress because my husband and I did have a big fancy (although remarkably inexpensive) wedding.  The dress cost about $800 from David’s Bridal, but in this case it was worth it for me since it was the only big wedding in my immediate family and I really wanted to go all out.  I would have happily gotten something second-hand if I could have found something in my size, though. 

    Since then, I have seen a lot of other nice options.  If you’re looking for wedding dresses, definitely take a good look at prom and homecoming dresses, especially right after prom and homecoming.  There are a lot in white nowadays, not that you even have to stick to that color.  For Easter, I actually wore a beautiful knee-length dress done all in an off-white lace.  It would have made a lovely wedding dress for someone and I got it new at Ross for under $30.

  3. Lynn says

    I looked everywhere for an inexpensive ivory suit for my Vegas wedding four years ago—never did find it. That Isaac suit was what I was looking for! Oh well, I couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous (eBay bought) ‘40’s style dress I ended up wearing.

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