Walk the Talk: 7 Women’s Sneakers Under $60 from Piperlime

No matter how many sexy Balenciaga boots and Christian Louboutin pumps come our way (indulge us, will ya?), we’ll always fall back on good ole sneakers for more casual activities, such as weekend meet-ups with friends or quick grocery errands. When accessorized well, these sneakers will make you look more laidback, cool gal rather than a college girl who can’t get past her shoe comfort zone. We picked out seven of our favorite colorful women’s sneakers under $60 from Piperlime’s Sale section. With colors ranging from trendy green to more subtle neutral shades, it’ll be a breeze for our readers to incorporate these fun pairs to their wardrobe!

Planning to do mid-lunch 15-minute walks to lose a few calories on the go? Slip in some pieces of napkin into your kicks to add insulation and make the walk more comfortable for you. Better yet, go for wool socks, with a good pair costing at around 10 bucks. Don’t let the chill discourage you from working some sweat!

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