Follow the Sun! Budget Travel Winter Sun Guide

If winter has you feeling down, then just skip it! While one half of the world is in boots and coats, there is a whole other side that’s starting to pull out sandals and shorts—and you don’t have to miss out! Here are ways you can travel this holiday, enjoy an extended summer, and still have money left in your wallet to send holiday gifts home.

Here’s TBF’s Budget Travel Winter Sun Guide

First, Fly in early December. According to USA Today, the first two weeks in December are the best times to snag discount flights. Why? Most people fly right around the holidays, so the first two weeks in December are considered “down time” – that is, everyone is done traveling from Thanksgiving and are waiting to go home for Christmas. Or, wait until January – again, people are “travel hungover” from December and November, so flights are cheap and fares are short.

Second, Choose a cheap place to travel to. You might spend more on the ticket, but once you get to one of these top ten cheap places to vacation, your dollar will go far. My favorites are: Costa Rica, Albania, India, Indonesia, Burma, Peru, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Thailand…

Third, Go right as seasons change. The few weeks between spring and summer, the few weeks between winter and fall, etc. Just like when seasonal clothes go on sale right before a new season’s look comes in, airfare, accommodation, and excursions do the same. Take advantage of the “almost” off-season!

Fourth, Skip unecessarily expensive hotels. Heck, avoid motels, as well. The cheapest and most interesting places to stay are local hostels. With access to a kitchen, full bathroom, and fellow travelers who can recommend the must-see and must-do excursions, it’s almost like getting a concierge PLUS a bed. Opt to share a room dorm-style for under $15, or even your own room for under $20. My favorite way to book a hostel is through

Five, Follow summer! The beauty of the world is that it’s always summer somewhere. So, if winter has you blue, go where it’s not. For example, South America is just gearing up for summer (while North America is getting bundled for winter).

Have your own budget travel tips for icy winter escapists? Do share in the comments!

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    Well, I think people should research about the place that they are going to visit as it will help them to have each and every information which helps in getting a budget friendly trip. Travelling during off seasons and renting a car can also save your money a lot while travelling.

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