No First Amendment Arguments, Please
Yes, we get it: you love fur more than life itself. However, your teaching wardrobe isn’t the time to start expressing yourself through clothes, so keep your fashion simple. The occasional kooky teacher’s tie (Zazzle has a lot of those on sale) or playful scarf should be okay, though, as it helps keep your class visually attuned. For the most part, start with the basics: a nice black suit, a pair of closed toed black pumps, and a basic camisole or shell. Yes, it’s boring, but when you’re on the platform discussing Algebra, you want folks to focus on the Xs and Ys, not on your outfit.

Find Items That Can Serve Double Duty
Allocating fixed clothing allowances don’t always work because there are times when you may need to spend more, just like there are instances when you shouldn’t spend a dime. Shop for items that are versatile, like a tote bag that can be your weekend shopping bag and your briefcase or a pair of black trousers that you can wear to a Parent-Teacher conference and a faculty office party.