How to Put Together an A+ Teacher’s Wardrobe on a Budget


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For every teacher, putting together a professional yet stylish teacher’s wardrobe is a big challenge–even more so when doing it on a budget. Granted that there are seasonal fashion collections that are all about teacher lovin’ (Norma Kamali, if you’re reading this, we miss you and your $35 chic work ensembles at Wal-Mart). But we can’t count on these once-in-a-blue-moon promotions to meet our wardrobe needs all year round.Beyond scoring discounts and scouring clearance racks, The Budget Fashionista has come up with four money-saver tips to create an A+ teacher’s wardrobe on a budget.

Tips for Creating a Professional Teacher’s Wardrobe on a Budget

It’s All About The Key Pieces
For a professional teaching wardrobe, make sure you have the following key pieces:

Female Teachers

• A black suit

• Black pumps

• Tote bag

• A couple of camisoles/ blouses

• A nice black / brown pencil skirt

• Two very nice dresses (one should be a little black dress and one dress in another color) – for school socialization nights

Male Teachers

• Men’s shirts, both short and long-sleeved (men can never get enough of them, especially clean ones)

• A couple of ties (classic prints are easier to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe)

• Black / brown oxford shoes. For campus walkers, Crocs should be a fine option, too.

• Pants (khaki, black, deep blue, brown)

• Outerwear (Men’s blazer, a tailored jacket, or a preppy vest)

• Briefcase / Leather bag

There’s a reason why you should invest in black and brown items—you can wear them several times a week without anyone noticing by simply changing up your inexpensive accessories every time. They’re also less likely to go out of style by next season.

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  1. Classyjojo725 says

    I really disagree with the whole, “don’t let your personal style shine through,” comment. As a school counselor, I think students like to see their teachers individuality and personality shine. Who wants to be a cookie-cutter rendition of what a teacher is supposed to be like? Let’s leave that to the bankers and those who have to operate in very constricted, less fashionable work environments.

  2. says

    Great wardrobe suggestion! However, I think this is setof wardrobe is not only teachers. Suits, blazers, black dress, pumps, and oxford shoes are a must-have for anybody working in an office environment. Similarly, everybody should have leather belts and bags in their wardrobe. 

  3. I need to brush my teeth now says

    I threw up a little in my mouth when I read “wear Crocs.”

    No, please do not wear shoes made out of plastic. Plastic is for childrens toys and picnics, not for shoes.

    Men: Bass Weejuns, Allen Edmund or Alden Oxfords, Bean Boots if it rains. These are the only shoes you need to own. If you MUST own athletic shoes: New Balance 993.

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