Five Quick Shopping Tips for Busy People

A few months ago, we received a comment from a faithful TBF reader who said, and I quote, “I’m too busy to budget shop”. While our first reaction was, “who doesn’t have time to bargain shop?”, the more we thought about it, the more we understood where the reader was coming from.

Budget shopping can be time consuming and, as anyone who has ever been to a weekend sale at Macy’s can attest, a bit daunting. It takes time to scour through racks and racks of merchandise. However, in order to maintain our budgets, many of us need to stick to our frugal shopping guns.

So we came up with a list of five quick, shopping tips that save you both money and time. You do not have to spend hours shopping each week to find great deals on designer fashion. Check out our quick (and simple) tips after the jump.

Budget Shopping Tips for Busy People

1. Shop on Weekdays. The first rule of budget shopping is to go on the weekdays. Besides missing the long weekend lines, most stores put new merchandise on their shopping floors on the weekday (when their stores tend to be a bit calmer). Also, many stores markdown items that didn’t sell well over the weekend on Tuesday-Thursdays.

2. Shop the Hidden Areas of the Store. When entering a store, head straight for the back, or the racks located on the walls of the store, or the dark corners of the store. Most retail stores place their new, more costly items along the aisles and in the front of the store, because those are the items that will most likely catch your attention. Also, other shoppers (and you know who you are), will often “hide” items in these corners that they intend to return and buy.

3. Sign up for Email Sale Alerts. Sign up for email alerts to your favorite department stores. Top department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, all have email alerts that notify you of a sale days before it happens allowing you to plan accordingly. Some stores, like Neiman Marcus’s outlet, Last Call Neiman Marcus, send out coupons to their newsletter lists.

Note: When signing up for these lists make sure to use a “shopping email”, meaning an email that’s used only for registering for store newsletters. This will save your mail inbox from a ton of spam.

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  1. says

    Great tips! I follow them myself. I also visit shops just an hour before closing after work so that I can be the first to see the new merchandise being arranged for the next day!

  2. says

    I definitely agree. You may also want to follow/like them on Twitter or Facebook as they usually have any information regarding special promotions there. That’s how I usually know about these things.

  3. says

    Great tips!Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.I always go on weekends and of course buy some useless things as well.I will remember these shopping tips next time when I am in market.

  4. Anuj Yadav says

    In today’s scenario, online shopping is a must for office going people. I was following the following blog till now, and will continue to do so, with this one as well.

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