Best Budget Mascara: Community Knowledge Project

Great mascara—one that darkens, lifts, lengthens and even curls—is a makeup must. It can be tempting to want to buy fancy mascaras that promise model-worthy lashes. But for those of us on a beauty budget, finding mascara that performs can be downright difficult. Lucky for us, Maybelline comes to the rescue with their classic pink tube of never-fail Great Lash Mascara for just $5. One swipe on our lashes and we’re left with bigger, better, more-beautiful eyes.

What’s your pick for best mascara on a budget?

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  1. Chessmont says

    Most of my favorites are a couple of the Cover Girl Formulation, one is Lash Blast; the other is Fantastic Lash – it is not dramatic, modets-looking lashes for work or every day.  Simply will not rub off!  I also like the old standby L’Oreal Voluminous (grey tube?)  I use all the versions in waterproof.

    Great Lash isn’t on my list – just doesn’t work as well for me as the others… even in Waterproof it flakes off.

  2. cleverlycharmed says

    Rimmel London
    -Sexy Curves Mascara
    -Glam Eyes Mascara

    Also L’Oreal Voluminous did a pretty great job too. I just usually stick to Rimmel London because their mascaras haven’t disappointed me yet!

    I’ve tried Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara before and I was actually very disappointed, what with all the hype about it and everything. It’s a very thin formula, or at least it was like that to me.

    Oh once I bought Jane Max

  3. cleverlycharmed says

    Oops I guess my whole comment didn’t get posted. I was just saying that I bought Jane Max Lash 2 for really cheap at a drugstore and it was also pretty good and didn’t make my lashes brittle either

  4. rld513 says

    I love Maybelline’s Full n Soft.  I think it’s mainly a lengthening mascara, but you can completely build up thickness.  It’s around $5-6 as well.

  5. Shopsista says

    Great Lash does nothing for me..nothing.

    I will be honest, I will tweak my budget to pay $18 for Lancome Defincils.  I’m sorry that is the BEST mascara in the world..makes me look like I grew lashes overnight.

  6. bunnybri says

    I’ve never been a Great Lash fan, it’s too thin and smear-y.  L’Oreal Voluminous is probably the best at the drugstore, but I use Clinique High Impact…it’s a little pricier than drugstore versions but it’s about the only department store makeup I use regularly.  For a very good list of best products on a budget, look up Paula Begoun’s Cosmetics Cop website,  She has done her homework!

  7. annieo says

    I have tried the Maybelline kind, but I don’t like it at all. Maybe I kept it for too long (how long does it take mascara to dry up?), but it got really really clumpy and unusable. Also, I didn’t like it because it smeared REALLY easily (and sometimes I got marks just from blinking….), resulting in raccoon eyes.

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