Use Chapstick As a Budget Lip Primer

I have a small beauty tip. With the new red lipstick trend that has become all-the-rage on and off the red carpet, chapstick is a great, inexpensive way to keep the color from flaking and fading. The chapstick acts as a primer for your lips and keeps them looking luscious. Just apply a little chap stick 5-10 minutes before your lipstick and you’re set, literally! You can get cherry chapstick for about 99 cents at any drugstore or even the supermarket. So you never have to worry that you’re new, bold statement is letting you down.

This Reader’s charity: The Red Cross. With all the new natural disasters coming ever year, the Red Cross has done an amazing job of helping people all over the world in their time of need.

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  1. julie says

    I’ve been doing it for years! It really does help. I can’t say it will work for everyone but it does for me. I like the cherry but I love the moisturizer one with aloe.

  2. Fiona says

    OK what am I doing wrong? I find that if I apply chapstick before lip color, the color just slides off in no time.

  3. martha says

    I have a better one – Clinique Lip/eye sunblock stick, spf 30. It holds my lipstick or lipgloss on my lips, and I know I can use the extra UV protection after wiping my mouth after eating, brushing teeth etc….It costs more but lasts at least a year.

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