Thrift Stores!
We recently reposted about our love of the Salvation Army and even wrote about how to find awesome finds in The Art of Thrifting. If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re wildly in love with the stylish, very affordable finds at such stores.

If you’re still hesitant about thrift stores, let it go. Nix the notion that everything smells like a relative from the ‘70s; there are so many incredible finds that beg to be hung on your walls or showcased on your coffee table. From vintage colored-glass vases that would look beautiful perched on a sunny kitchen window ledge to art-deco clocks, psychedelic prints or a weathered-in-all-the-right-places wooden spoon rack (why not?) you can get as old-school, modern or cutesy as your heart desires.

The deals truly are a steal, too–most of the time you guess one price only to happily discover the actual cost just moved your imagined decimal point to the left! Your anticipated $15 for that statue? Try $1.50! One thing’s for sure: you WILL become addicted to the outstanding collection of home décor you can find on a budget at thrift stores!

So, budget-conscious fashionistas, have you shopped at any of these places for home décor? Let us know what incredible finds landed on your tabletops and shelves (although we bet you’ll be too busy shopping at Macy’s. And Target. And…)

What Is Your Favorite Place to Score Home Decor?