Crib Needs an Update? Check Out These Great Places to Find Home Décor on a Budget

A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts
Break out your glue gun and unleash your creative side!

We think A.C. Moore is a fun, DIY place for fashionistas seeking to grace walls and halls with their personal touch. Guaranteed, no one but you will have precisely the same aqua and silver beads around their mirror’s border. There are more beads, paints, stencil kits and fabrics (from felt to leather) than you can shake a stick at (where’d that phrase come from, anyway?), so there’s no excuse for you not to wow your living room guests—or yourself.

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  1. says

    Two words: Hobby Lobby! If you have one near you check it out – they have more than craft supplies, and everything is usually on sale! Just got the cutest little French signs for my bath the other day, only $4 each!

  2. Sharon P. says

    This was one of my favorite blogs. I’ve got to go to HomeGoods immediately. The stuff I find at Marshalls is nice but it’s like a hit or miss. I’m also going to Home Depot for those doormats. Who knew? You did of course. :o)

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