Budget Holiday Gifts

Holiday Shopping on a Budget Tips

Shop in August. The number one rule for Budget Fashionistas is to do a majority of your shopping during the August sales. I started my holiday shopping in mid August, right at the tail end of the summer sales. This is a particularly good time to stock up on stocking stuffers or smaller non-seasonal items like bath and beauty products. By the time October hits (sorry!) many stores are already heading into Holiday shopping mode

Shop in January. This is great trick if you won’t be near your family during the holidays. Purchase the gifts on the day after the 25th and send it priority mail (which strangely enough sometimes cost the same as regular ground) to family members. You save a bundle and they get more presents to open.

Theme Gift Giving. This tip is not only saves you time, but saves you money as well. For example, I like to give items like cool socks to all the fellas on my list. Everyone needs a pair of socks and socks are fairly cheap. Some other great theme gifts: earrings, beauty and bath products, gloves, hats, scarves, and cool t-shirts.

Make it. Making gifts can be a cheap alternative to purchasing gifts. If you love to cook, hand out gift certificates for one free meal from you. Trust me, if you know any busy families they will love that gift. Knit a poncho for a teenager—saves you money and will help you avoid the teenage post-gift eye roll.

Donate to Charity. The gift for the person who has everything is to give to someone else. Place a donation in their name to groups like UNICEF, American Cancer Society, Greenpeace or even their political party.

Have an awesome Holiday Budget Shopping Tip? Share it below.

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    I’ve come to the right place. I’m searching around for shopping tips to survive this holiday season but still have my savings account intact. Thank you for sharing.

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