5 Ways to Decorate For the Holidays On a Budget

Every year I’m known for my extravagant Holiday party. But here’s a secret – I’m much more interested in cooking, eating and baking than I am decorating. The only thing I take true relish in adorning is a gingerbread house – anything else, I could take or leave. But a party isn’t a festivity without joyous home décor, so here are five ways you can spruce up your house while saving the real spending for all the fun stuff.

Holiday Decorations on a Budget

1. Get a few huge platters or use regular bowls or plates. Buy cranberries, or even small cheap festive-colored tree bulbs. Nestle them in the platter, then tuck in white tea lights. Voila – natural light that makes everyone sigh “holiday.”

2. Glass jars. Usually super cheap at Home Goods or any other warehouse-type store. Fill with holiday-themed candies wrapped in holiday-colored wrappers. Settle around the house at opportune munching points.

3. Old-fashioned popcorn and candy-cane. Grab a few packs of candy canes, popcorn, needle, thread, and have at it. Spread popcorn decorations on flat table tops for a different take on the typical tree-hang.

4. Buy pre-made paper snowflakes or cut your own. Dash with glitter, then hook with a loop of thread. Hang from your curtain rods, alcove overhang, etc.

5. Nothing says holiday like the everlasting smell of gingerbread. Buy pre-made dough, roll out, use a gingerbread house stencil to cut pieces, bake too long so each piece is sturdy, and construct a house. Cover in candy, and set in the living room. Holiday cheer and candy forever!

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