For Those of Us Who Love a Good Handbag…

Right now, the word “budget” has a new meaning for many of us, in light of the current state of the economy. That doesn’t stop the fashion world, however, from dangling new handbag trends (among others) tantalizingly in front of us. A handbag, of course, is something we might normally suggest you could invest a little more in, but if your cash is limited and your wardrobe could use a quick and inexpensive boost, we’re thinking that a budget handbag of one of the season’s hot styles is just the thing to a) boost your mood, b) boost your style quotient and c) keep you solvent for another week or two.

Stylish Handbags on a Budget

Our Picks

The Clutch
For four fashion seasons, the clutch has been the handbag to have. Here are a few of my favorites.

[imagebrowser id=417]

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