Budget Gardening Tip: Houseplants Clean the Air


Having a plant or two around your home or office doesn’t just improve the decor it also good for your health. NASA research has shown that houseplants can help to clear the air of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Two or three plants in 8-inch pots for every 100 square feet can help to clear the air you breathe every day. Be sure to place them where individuals spend a lot of time, the office, family room, or bedroom are all good spots.

Choice plants include palms, ferns, corn plant, rubber plant, weeping fig (ficus), gerbera daisy, orchid, spider plant, bamboo and English ivy. This Boston Fern is $9.95 at Logees.

Buy plants at Home Depot, Lowes, Logees, or your local grocery store or nursery.

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