Budget Gardening Tip: Green Up Your Home

From cleaning up your garden to propagating herbs, this is THE season for getting your green thumbed activities in order. And while your focus may still be on what needs to get done outdoors, we want to remind you to look at what you can do indoors as well. To make your task a wee bit easier, we’ve found two products that will help greenify your home in a matter of days. No planting, replanting, seeding or weeding required.

For your kitchen, we love these Petit Coco little herb pots ($42, pictured above). Inspired by the dishes French chefs use, the casserole dish (or kettle, if you opt for that design) will help you grow basil and mint in your own home. The containers comes in three colors (red, orange and blue) and once you’re done, the pot can be reused to plant new herbs (or, you can use it as a chic serving dish).

And for the rest of your home, we love the Eggling ($9.95, pictured above), an insanely popular greenery item from Japan. On the outside the Eggling looks and feels exactly like an egg. But with the tap of a spoon and a little bit of water, you’ll be able to grow any number of flowers, herbs or mixed plants. After a few months, simply throw the Eggling (and its sprouts) into a pot and your itty-bitty fleur of chrysanthemum, petunia, lavender, cactus or wild strawberry will keep blooming all winter long.

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