Add The Budget Fashionista to Your RSS Feed

Really Simple Syndication or RSS feeds are a great way to keep up with your favorite sites, like The Budget Fashionista. The feeds place the latest headlines from a selected site in news reader (My Yahoo!, MY MSN, Newsgator, etc.), automatically updating the headline/title when a new entry is posted.

Here’s how to add The Budget Fashionista feed to the following interfaces:

Get Newsletter updates in your inbox
Get our most recent posts in your in box, by signing up for the feedblitz service located in the upper left side of the site.

Adding RSS Feeds to My YAHOO!

Log into your My Yahoo! Page and click on the “Add Content” tag on the upper left hand corner of the page (right under the search bar). Search for the desired source, like the Budget Fashionista blog, click add, and get the Yahoo feed instantly into your MY Yahoo! homepage.

Click here to Add The Budget Fashionista to Your My Yahoo! Home Page

Adding RSS Feeds to MY MSN

For MY MSN,  locate the “Add Content” box on the MY MSN homepage and search for the desired source, like the Budget Fashionista, and click add

Click here to add The Budget Fashionista to MY MSN

Adding RSS Feeds to NewsGator

Just click on the button to left and follow the instructions for adding updates to your newsgator. If you don’t have newsgator, consumers can download it for free at the .

Many news readers will allow you to add feed by simply typing in the url of the site (in this case

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