Budget Fashion’s More Than Basics

What: Lately, everyone’s been talking basics. Basics, basics, basics…basically (forgive us) meaning clothes you can wear for all kinds of occasions and weather, that can be easily transformed through mixing and matching and accessorizing. However, we might have missed the boat. Apparently, shoppers “are not playing it safe” but are actually getting bolder with their style decisions. Except this time around (amid the recession), they’re just looking for more jaw-dropping pieces. By working with their current wardrobe and seeking out dramatic clothes that also offer up a lot of value, Recessionistas are simply finding a new and affordable style – not a bland and basic one.

What They Say:

“(Consumers) are purchasing with more thought,” said Julie Gilhart, senior vice president and fashion director at Barneys New York. “If something is expensive, it better look and feel the price, more than just having a ‘label.’”

What We Say: We’re glad someone’s finally giving us budget fashionistas some credit – we know how to shop on the cheap without sacrificing our sense of style! How have your shopping habits changed (if at all) in these touch economic times?

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