Best Eco Fashion Lines on a Budget


What’s better than feel-good fabrics? Feel-good companies to back them up. The best cottons to wrap yourself up in aren’t only organic, they come with a sense of social responsibility. Natural and recycled textiles are often shelved with hefty price tags, but we’ve found a few brands that value environmental consciousness, price and of course, style. Check out our picks for the best eco fashion lines on a budget below.

Best Eco Friendly Lines on a Budget

Alternative Apparel

Hooded Scarf

Hooded Pocket Scarf, $38

When you think Alternative Apparel, it’s impossible not to conjure images of their infamous soft-porn ads (really, is that necessary to sell some t-shirts?), but we’re fans of their eco-heather tees. The brand known for it’s comfy basics, has everything from dresses and wraps to jackets and accessories that are made with low impact dyes, natural wash methods, and certified organic cottons.

Threads for Thought

Jasmine Knit  Dress

Jasmine Knit Dress, $56

Threads for Thought proves that organic doesn’t have to be boring with their line of basics, dresses and rompers. Your dollars support factories that respect the environment and their employees, and a partnership program with non-profit organizations like The International Rescue Committee and The Natural Resources Defense Council.

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