Repost: Budget Beauty Tips From Our Readers

Repost is a series on TBF where wee repost some of our favorite posts from the past 8 years. This post, first published in November 2005, contain a few budget beauty tips from TBF readers. Check them out below and feel free to add your own tips in the comment section.

<h2>Budget Beauty Tips</h2>

Go old school to help control flyaways. Use Murray Pomade to help smooth unruly hair strands and to create ultra slick hair styles.
Colette, Los Angeles

Mix a tub of cheap, generic petroleum jelly with a small amount of perfumed lotion to create a great smelling moisturizer and to stretch the life of the lotion.
Emiene, Miami

Make your own spray-on conditioner by mixing 1 tablespoon of your favorite conditioner in a spray bottle filled with your favorite hair conditioner. Shake the bottle well before using. There is no need to rinse your hair after spraying.
Lucky, Cedar Rapids

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