TBF Reader’s Speak Part II: Your Favorite Budget Beauty Products

Okay, I admit it. I’m a recovering beauty junkie. My addiction to beauty products was so bad that I literally had to ban myself from the beauty aisles of my local Target. At one point, I had over 25, yes 25, tubs of MAC eye shadow in colors in my beauty drawer, some in colors so wild (like orange) that even the most outrageous drag queen would think twice about wearing them. I also, had twelve lipsticks, including one that my niece eloquently described as the color of baby dookie.

Fortunately, I was able to downside my beauty drawer (yes, I got rid of the baby poo colored lipstick) and focus only on the products I actually use. Here’s some of my favorites, as well as favorites that you guys have posted on the site.

Top budget beauty Favorite Budget Beauty Products Products

Taming the Shrew

Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum Favorite Budget Beauty Products has saved my fashionable life. Without it, my hair would have been one frizzy hot mess this summer. For those of you with thin or fine hair, my friend Nicola swears that Creme of Nature Shampoo adds much needed body and volume to her otherwise limpy hair. For those of us with thick, curly, hair, try Queen Helene Cholesterol Treatment . Don’t be confused by its placement in the ethnic hair care aisle. It works miracles on any thick, curly, dry head of hair
Readers Say:
The best product I’ve found for curly hair is Elasta QP Feels Like Silk. It defines curls without the frizz. I use it mixed with a gel like Aussie Mega Hold Gel when I get out of the shower.

From DeannaI could not live without my staple hair product – Mane & Tail conditioner. Designed for horses, it keeps my hair conditioned and healthy.
From KristaCurls Rock curl booster – this is the only thing that tames my naturally curly hair. Makes the curls look quot;springy” and well-defined, and in humid Houston, that is a very good thing.

“Nailing” it…
I’ve always had a hard time making my manicures last—until I discovered the white pencil. This manicure tool, which looks like it came right out of a box of colored pencils, whitens the tips of your nails in two easy steps. Just dip the tip in water and glide the tips of the pencil underneath your nails to whiten your tips.

Readers Say:

N.Y.C’s nail polish is superb – great wear and only 99 cents…..If you’re nuts about nail polish like I am, Sally Hansen’s tools, polishes and mani/pedi products are a great value.From Dowdydiva

I love Stickey (that’s what it’s called) base coat ($5.99 at your local drugstore). A coat or two of this and my polish lasts WAY longer.
From Ronica

Cetaphil Reigns Supreme

The Olay Regenerist line may have been the big winner at the Cosmetic Women’s Executives Insider’s Choice Awards, but TBF readers put Cetaphil Favorite Budget Beauty Products at the top of list of budget beauty Favorite Budget Beauty Products products.

Readers Say:
Cetaphil is the best moisturizing cleanser out there. My dermatologist suggested it and I have never gone back.From MimiC

I’m an all-natural kinda chick, but one thing I insist on buying is Cetaphil Daily Moisturizing Lotion with spf 15. I don’t use commercial products on my face, but sunscreen is something you just cannot get around! From Anonymous

Pamela Anderson, Rupaul and TBF readers all agree, MAC make-up is the bomb….
MAC is my favorite, high-end make-up line and based on your comments it seems that it’s one of your favorite as well. I love MAC’s lipstick. I believe that every woman should have a signature lipstick color and my signature color is MAC Red. I love this color so much that I bought three tubes.

MAC lipglass is my one beauty splurge. It’s the best lipgloss on the market today. It’s incredible shine lasts for hours, even through long cocktail parties.From Elizabeth
If it (MAC make-up) works for Rupaul, then it works for meFrom Anonymous

Sistas now have a make-up foundation Black Opal makes one of the best drugstore brand foundation for women of color. It’s used by make-up artists like Sam Fine and I actually found out about the line from a make-up artist at MTV. I use it for all of my TV appearances to smooth out any blemishes. I mix the make-up stick with the liquid foundation to create my own custom blend for less than $10 bucks. Don’t think Black Opal just for women of color- the foundation is great for those of you rocking a summer tan.

Reader’s Say:
Black Opal make-up is not only cheap (less than $8 for foundation), but also a solid foundation at any price. I’m also a fan of the line’s lipsticks and eye shadows. From Beenie

I’m broke and pretty much the only place I can afford to buy beauty products is at my local CVS. Black Opal works for me. From Lara P.

Our Wallets Love Wet ‘n’ Wild. My dear friend Elke Von Freudenberg, who’s a big time celebrity make-up artist, swears by Wet ‘n’ Wild cosmetics. Elke and I both love the Wet ‘n” Wild MegaGlo Face Illuminators and blushes. Now, the company has just launched a new skincare line, with products in the $5 range. Be very afraid Clinique.

Readers Say:
I absolutely love Wet ‘n Wild eyeliner in Brown. For $0.99 you can’t beat the price. And why spend extra when it lasts just as long as the more expensive ones. And I think the pigments are just as good too.
from Carmell

Trader Joe’s is the new beauty spot. Apparently, budget friendly groceries aren’t the only things to buy at Trader Joe’s. Many readers love the wide selection of organic beauty products and great smelling moisturizers.

Readers Say:
My favorite non-colored lip balm is actually from Trader Joe’s (kind of like a health food/organic products store). I used to be a diehard Neutrogena fan before I found this, and then promptly converted. The lip balm is SPF 15, made with natural ingredients, and makes your lips feel moist, not waxy or sticky. And the best part? It comes in a pack of 3 for $2.

Help me continue to develop my list of the best beauty products. Submit your favorites!