Budget Beauty Questions Answered

For this month’s beauty newsletter I enlisted the help of my friend Kate, a fabulous beauty editor, in
answering some of your most common beauty questions. From the best way to cover a zit to the fastest way to
whiten your teeth, we’ve got solutions for your most pressing beauty problems that won’t break your

What’s the best way to cover a zit?

Currently I have a HUGE zit right at the top of my nose
and there’s nothing cute about looking like a rhino . Here’s
what I do to cover it up: Pick a concealer that matches your skin tone, either in a stick or cream formula.
Using your finger, carefully pat concealer onto the affected area. Don’t rub or try to blend it;
it’s better to almost “place” the makeup on top of your pimple. After it dries, dust a little
loose powder over the zit to set, and voila!

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Help! I over-plucked my brows. How can I fix them?

It’s going to take a few weeks for your hair to grow back, but in the meantime, fill them
in with an eyeshadow that’s a shade lighter than your natural brows, then go over that with an eyebrow
pencil that matches your brows. Be sure to make tiny strokes, not long, sweeping motions!

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Now that the weather is changing, what
is the best way to keep my skin in control

With all the changes in weather it can be hard to find the right products to keep your skin
glowing and fresh. Try a light moisturizer to keep skin hydrated, but also fight off the grease and oil that
come with warm weather. Oil of Olay makes a great moisturizer – Complete All Day UV Moisture Lotion
– for combination skin. ($10.49 at


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What’s the fastest (and cheapest) way to whiten my teeth?

When it comes to whitening your teeth there are tons of options, and luckily, a solution to
fit every price range. The least expensive (and most popular) tooth whiteners right now are

These easy-to-use whitening strips cost between $20 to $40 a box, which may seem
pricey, but much less expensive than a $1000 trip to the dentist. You only need to use them for about 30
minutes per day. The results appear gradually over time, and dentists swear that they won’t hurt your

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How can I keep my tan going now that I’m not hitting the

If you’re feeling a little pale these days, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s
several new odorless self-tanning lotions that combine soothing moisturizers and cost less than $10. Try two
of the best:

Healthy Body Glow
($5.50) or

Body Glow Body Moisturizer

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How can I give myself an at-home manicure that looks

removing old polish and filing your nails, soak for a few minutes to soften your cuticles. Using a cuticle
cream and orange wood stick, push your cuticles back (don’t try to cut them yourself!), then massage hands
with a moisturizing lotion. Apply a bonding base coat and let dry for one minute. Follow that with two coats of
your favorite color; use nail polish remover to fix any excess or overflow. Finally, finish it all up with a
topcoat. (Quick tip: although fast-drying formulas are easiest, they will make your manicur+e fade

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Do I have to change my perfume when the seasons change?

What better excuse to buy new perfume than the change in
seasons? In the summer, a light, flirty floral works best, as the rising temperatures and moisture on your
skin make your scent smell much stronger. In the winter, try a musky or woody perfume that comes off a touch
stronger. Just remember, with perfume, less is always more. Don’t go overboard.
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Can Vaseline double as a lip balm?

There’s a raging debate on TBF about the powers (or evils) of

So here’s my two cents… Yes, you can use it as a lip balm and much more. Use just a touch to moisturize
lips, or mix it with the remnants of your leftover lipstick for your very own homemade gloss. However, if you
have oilly skin or are afraid of using the product, then try something else (like good old

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What are some flattering lip colors for women with darker skin?

Highly pigmented shades like deep roses, purples, and pinks are very flattering on darker
skin tones. Also browns like apricot and chocolate work especially well when used as or with a lipgloss. There
are several drug store brands that offers high pigment colors and cost less than $8. Try

Black Opal,


Girl Queen Collection


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I can’t seem to find the perfect mascara. What are your recommendations?

Depending on the length and fullness of your lashes, different mascaras will look different
on your eyes. One that pulls double duty, though, is

XXL Volume + Length Washable Mascara
. With two wands – one to volumize, one to lengthen – the mascara definitely
makes a statement. ($6.69 at


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