Budget Beauty: Get More Bang for Your (Beauty) Buck

If you’ve had to cut down on spending on little luxuries like beauty products, your best bet is to make the most of what you’ve got. Going the budget beauty route is easier than it sounds—it’s simply a matter of learning how to prolong a product’s use. Here are a few tricks that work for us.

Top Budget Beauty Tricks

~ If you’ve opened your lipstick only to discover that the color no longer twists up above the tube’s edges, don’t junk it just yet. Instead, scoop out the rest of the lipstick and place it into a small pot. Then continue to apply it with a lip brush. You’d be surprised to discover just how much of your lipstick normally goes to waste! (Need something to scoop it with? Head to your nearest Baskin-Robbins and ask for a sample of something yummy. Enjoy your treat, then head home with the teeny spoon.)

~ We’ve heard experts recommend that nail polishes can be kept longer if they’re stored in a cool place—like the fridge. But we’ve been unsuccessful with this practice, as often, others we co-habitat with aren’t thrilled about finding Maybelline behind the Mayo. However, we have found that this budget beauty tip works wonders: when polish gets a bit soupy, the best way to get it back to a normal consistency is to add a few drops of nail polish thinner, as a manicurist would do at a salon. Just a small amount of thinner ought to coax a couple of extra uses out of a bottle.

~ You could also save a bundle on shampoo and conditioner, by cutting down the amount you use. Unless you have really long or thick hair, you don’t need more than a dime-sized amount of shampoo and unless your hair is very damaged, you don’t have to dump on the conditioner. Distribute conditioner generously mainly at the ends, and if you have curly hair, leave a small amount in as a styling agent.

~ Many people think it’s time to replace compact make-up when the make-up has been worn off the center of the compact pan. This is understandable, since at this point it becomes harder to get the right amount of make-up onto the sponge. However, this problem can often be solved by just replacing the sponge. Sponges need be replaced periodically, anyway, since over time can become overly caked with make-up and dirt.

~ Thinking you need to replace those old make-up brushes? Try this budget beauty tip. Regular cleaning of make-up brushes will keep them looking (and feeling) as good as new.