The Search is Over!  Plus an Old Navy Coupon

Readers of the newsletter know that this week I’ve been reliving my fashion mistakes of the not too distance past. Ironically, this little trip down memory lane coincided with the brilliant Old Navy campaign featuring songs from my fashion troubled youth and the chocolate brown skirt of my dreams. I’ve been on a mission for the past 3 weeks or so to find the perfect ankle length chocolate brown “Boho” skirt.

I’ve searched high (Saks and Barneys) and low (Target and Wal-Mart), yet couldn’t find the skirt.  Then this past Tuesday, while watching the “Rob and Amber Get Married Special”, I saw the Old Navy commercial and decided to “Bust a Move” to Old Navy and purchased the skirt for $34.50. My life is now complete.

If the skirts are sold out (which is a high possibility) use this coupon sent to me by the folks at Old Navy and order online.

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  1. Jennifer says

    I am right there with ya…I have been searching for the past year or two trying to find such a skirt.  I can’t seem to find this one on Old Navy’s site though.  I am really hoping I can find it, cause after this long of a wait…I gotta have it!!

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