Aside from being the month of hearts and love, February is also known (albeit less famously) as National Chocolate Month. If you’re raring for some chocolate treats without busting your waistline, why not marry your confectionery affection with fashion? Exhibit A: these stylishchocolate brown shoes designed for your favorite calorie-burning athletic activities. At under $50 on sale right now at Zappos, you can now proudly tell all your friends that your path to weight loss is paved by chocolate.

Wondering what to pair with your prospective new brown shoes? Neutrals (shades of white, tan, and ivory) are color-safe. And while black-and-brown combinations will always be a controversial palette, we’re happy to report that it’s becoming less of a taboo, especially when everyone in busy looking at your great workout bod to see how your color matching fares.

Shop: Zappos Fit and Fab: Chocolate Brown Athletic Shoes that Look Delicious Enough to Eat