What: Skip the (unhealthy) suntan in favor of summer’s best bronzers.

What the experts say: Tanning is so passé, but appearing sun-kissed is still as striking as ever. Yet, choose your bronzer wisely.

“The big changes in bronzer this year are the shift from shimmer to matte, as well as placement,” editorial makeup artist Elke Von Freudenberg tells us. “Now we’re using bronzer to contour: under cheekbones, along the sides of forehead and at the bottom of the chin. Find a warm honey bronze; this works great on almost all skin tones without being too red, dark or orange. And don’t overdo it; nothing looks worse than too much bronzer.”

What we say: Anything that mimics the look of spending our days frolicking in the sun without actually having to subject our skin to dangerous UV rays sounds perfect to us. We love the faux glow Charlize Theron flaunted at the MTV Movie Awards, and we’re willing to bet we can fake it just like her on the cheap. Sephora’s Bronzer Powder SPF 15 helps us fake that trip to St. Tropez we’ve been dreaming about—all while protecting our skin against the sun. Sure, at $15 it’s pricey—but the added SPF makes it worth the cost. For all of us whose skin tends to gush oil during the summer months, Jane offers Oil-Free Bronzing Powder, which gives us a gorgeous sunless glow while not clogging pores or emptying our wallets ($3.69). Our personal fave: Wet ‘N Wild Bronzzer Compact. Not only does it come in a variety of tones perfect for all types of skin, but also it doesn’t streak when you sweat. For $2.99, that’s a deal worth its weight in gold…er, bronze.

Photo: Getty Images