What to Buy Fall 2007: Bright Colored Shoes

One of the hottest trends of the summer will continue to be a hot trend for fall, the bright colored shoe. While a pair of yellow pumps might not be your everyday shoe, it can add a much needed to kick to a fall wardrobe full of blacks and browns.

How to Wear Bright Colored Shoes This Fall

-Pair it with a black jersey dress and black tights
-Pair it with a bright complementary color (purple+yellow, blue+ kelly green, etc.)
-If you have dark brown skin, use them to add a bit of contrast when wearing browns
-Wear them to dress up a pair of this fall’s wide leg jeans
-Wear them with eighties style dresses and with your shirt dresses

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  1. anna says

    I love this trend… I can totally see myself rocking a rounded toe pump in pinks/yellows or even crayola red.. I wonder how much I should spend maximum on this trend.

  2. says

    Yay!  This is great news.  I also love pairing my bright shoes with black & white, which is probably more of a summer thing. :)

    Now… if only the mainstream shoe designers would catch on and start making more brightly colored shoes!  I’ve had the hardest time finding yellow shoes!

  3. emma says

    I was just looking at these as well as other mustard/yellow pumps.  For fall or any other time they make a definite statement.

  4. HotChica1 says

    Love brightly colored shoes, especially red ones!
    Question: Is fuschia still in? I’ve got some awesome fuschia shoes that I would still love to wear. They’re leftover from 1 1/2 yrs ago but still look new.

  5. Kajsa Marchetti says

    I need some advice…. I have a black halter eyelet dress (kind of Ann Taylor –  like) BUT I wanted to add something unexpected and funky, so I plan to wear it with yellow rounded toe pumps (which I love).  I am getting conflicting advice on what jewelry to wear with it…. gold or silver??? Please help me accessorize

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