Brenda, Only Sexier

Brenda Only Sexier Style B*tch, er, Icon: Brenda Walsh

Credit: Socialite Life

Off with the body-hiding blazers, ladies—it’s sexy time. Soon, everything was all about Brenda’s flirty bikini tops paired with super-washed-out jeans. Of course, there was her classic black tanks or crocheted sweaters worn with high-waisted jeans (“Mom jeans” today, but the coolest thing EVER back then) or low-cut denim shorts.

These outfits, together with her “I’m having bad, bad dreams about bad, bad things I wanna have happen to Kelly” attitude, dark hair, come-hither eyes and plump lips, had men drooling and girls wrapped up in a jealous/intimidated/bring-it-on frenzy.