On-Trend Cuteness

On Trend Cuteness Style B*tch, er, Icon: Brenda Walsh

Credit: Freewebs.com

Her preppy, cute styles like oversized shirts, blazers and adorable babydoll dresses were always right on with what was in, if not a step ahead of the times. For crying out loud, the girl even managed to make menswear feminine in a funky way. Gotta say, outside of high school Spirit Week when everyone dressed in a different style every day (Pajama Monday, Rock ‘n’ Roll Tuesday—my personal favorite, Def Leppard fan that I was—and so on) I was never one to do the menswear thing. In any event, Brenda’s preppy look was the epitome of a fashion-forward good girl, a mix of breath-of-fresh-air sass and cutting-edge trendiness.

From there, that wide-eyed gal summoned her inner bad(der) girl. Which leads us to . . .