I love a good blog just like anyone else, but don’t you hate it when brand blogs only gush about their products? Sometimes, it feels like one big advertisement (and seriously, aren’t we bombarded with enough advertisements as it is?)

However, more and more, I’m noticing that some of my absolutely favorite brands are blogging about more than just their top sellers. Sure, they list their clothes, but they are doing it in a creative way that provides a great mix of promotion and other content.

From pairing their products with great accessories to introducing us to designers and their cute furry friends, brand blogs are helping us learn more about their companies, their ideas and the great minds behind them. Heck, H&M recently featured how to cut up one of their shirts to make something else. Now, if that’s not fun, I don’t know what is.

If you also want to read blogs without a ton of promotion, we’re pretty sure you’ll love our seven favorite brand blogs listed below. Enjoy.

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ModCloth Blog

We know everyone loves ModCloth and luckily, they have a blog for all of you who just can’t get enough of their great style and accessories. Their blog is so versatile, showing beauty tips, fashionable clothing combinations and even introducing their new pup. This winning combination of informative and personal posts helps readers get to know the brand and stay loyal.