Cause they are British and they probably do not get BET or Univision, I will give them one year to come up with some colors for us colored girls.  Until then here’s the BOOTS products you should try when the line hits Target:

- Mediterranean Olive Wheatgerm and Honey Body Butter ($9.99 for one tub). It’s a thick, rich cream, enriched with wheatgerm oil and honey that knocked the ash right off my skin. Plus it smells like pure heaven. Everyone who has ever tried this body butter falls in love with it.

- Feel the Difference Skin Brightening Beauty Plan (19.99, arrives in stores on 3/11).  The Beauty Plan comprises3oz bottles filled with a liquid combination of vitamins, minerals, and other stuff good for your skin. I tried the regimen and I did see a slight difference in my skin color. On the bad side- the solution tasted a bit like the kiddie medicine, Pedolyte. The medicine taste of the solution is a small price to pay for glowing skin

- No7 4 in 1 Quick Thinking Face Wipes ($6.99, arrives in stores 3/11). I’m lazy, so I love wipes like these that cleanse and moisturize at the same time. Plus its smell is wonderful.

- Feel the Difference Five Day Plan Dietary Supplement ($19.99, arrives in stores 3/11).  The purpose of this detox plan is to cleanse your system of all the impurities, dirt, glunk, and other stuff that hinder our internal and external health. Here’s how it works: you empty five tubes of this thick strawberry stuff into a liter of water (which you should be drinking) and shake or stir to mix.  You drink this solution every day for a five day period. I wasn’t feelin’ the yucky taste of the strawberry stuff, but at the end of the five day period, I did feel pretty good.