New Beauty Product Line: Boots at Target

Boots, the UK based drug store chain, is the ultimate drug store, sort of like CVS, Sephora, Target, and Whole Foods all mixed into one brand. The chain has been around for like forever (over 100 years) in Britain, yet it has taken until this year for the products to make a big push stateside.  Of course…there’s only one American store smart enough to partner up with the beloved brand here in the US. That store, of course, is Target.

Boots at Target will hit stores starting this March and I can tell you it will revolutionize your drugstore beauty experience. The brand is taking over a whole aisle and some stores will even have black clad beauty advisors to help you with your choices (cause would you trust someone in a red polo and khakis to give you beauty advice? I think not..). Department store beauty lines like Origins, Clinique, etc should be very afraid because the Boots line of beauty products are not only high quality, but cost about half the price of these lines.  I mean, do you REALLY, need to spend $35 on salt scrub that costs about $.50 to make?


I’m not clicking my heels too high for the brand cause for some strange reason NONE of their make-up colors will work for women of color.  I’m not only talking about my Black sisters, but my Indian sisters, my Italian sisters, my Latino Sisters, even my Anglo sisters with a nice summer tan, won’t be able to find a make-up color that works for them. I even asked the V.P of American Stuff (I can’t remember his exact title), “where’s the products for the sistas” and he sort of brushed me off with “it’s in development” (retail speak for “Ummm we didn’t think about you people”).  I then asked him.. “has he ever been to a Target at 1pm on a Saturday? Pretty much every ethnic group you can imagine is there buying those addictive chocolates.”  Ahhh… this is just so frustrating, cause I really like their products.

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  1. Scar says

    We’ve had Boots in my local Target for about two years.  Nothing special, imo.  Sorry!

    Is this new for all Targets?
    Is my Target some sort of trial market?  Seriously, this particular Target, of which I speak, is an awful one!

  2. Francesca says

    You kind of forgot your Asian sistas. That’s exciting news, tho. How do their products hold up for us, also women of color?

  3. josephine says

    I am so excited about this I can’t even say!! They’ve had Boots availabe online for a little while, but having it in stores is so much better! hooray for Target for bringing me my favorite beauty store!

  4. Iseult says

    The Brits are complete racists when it comes to Black people. I could tell you all kinds of stories, having worked with them on a vast level for several years. One type of favorite illustration for them is drawing Black people with ENORMOUS lips. I don’t think they’ll be catering to—or wanting the business of—Black people anytime soon. My advice to you is to not patronize them. I know I won’t, and I’m white.

  5. Noki says

    Unfortunately according to the 2001 census in the UK only about seven percent of its population considers themselves “non-white”.  It is sadly possible that they just have not had the palette available for study…

    Still, it does show an amazing lack of foresight.  The U.S. definitely does not have such a small variance in race or culture.  They probably should have looked for test groups here.

  6. Marcie says

    Wow. This is interesting because my local Target has had Boots for a while now – I want to say over a year – and all the stuff they currently have is now on clearance. ‘As I mentioned elsewhere, I live in a really frugal area so my hypothesis was that they were yanking out the high-priced Boots products nobody here was buying and replacing them with another line.

    Now, though, I wonder they’ve got more Boots stuff coming in.

  7. Petite Plz says

    I’ve used several products from Boots and I really like them in general. I’ve never tried their cosmetics, though, so I don’t really know about that. The No.7 line of skincare is pretty good. I don’t like some of Boots’ lipbalm though.

  8. moonburn says

    Hummmm. I can 100% identify with the challenge of finding appropriate foundation tones. I have super pale skin and often find myself using concealer and a good moisturizer because all drugstore brands do not go light enough. With the exception of MAC which is $$$$. Although mine is a rare plight I agree that Boots should consider furthering their development. At the bare minimum not blow off anyone inquiring about how they can use their product. I have a sneaky that I will be a fan.

  9. emma says

    i don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there are already Boots products in Targets already. i live near san francisco and all the Targets here have a Boots aisle. just to let you know…

  10. Jeanine Guidry says

    I looooooove Boots!!! And the 4-in-1 wipes are amazing, I used to cart 6 or 7 packages back everytime I would go to Europe (my family lives there), so I absolutely can’t wait to be able to go to Target and get my favorite Boots products and try new ones out.

  11. divaliscious11 says

    HUGE HUGE HUGE Boots fan. Work use to require weekly visits to London and the product junkie in me loves them. Don’t get to London so frequently now but I always spend almost all of my sit time in Heathrow or Gatwick in Boots. The products are delish! Can’t vouch for the makeup tho’ because I only wear mascara and gloss…. Love that its going to be in a variety of Targets, although its been in Northern VA for a while now. Will be in London at the end of the month and can’t wait to re-stock! Not surprised they don’t have a variety of colors for us brown girls. In Europe you can get some beautiful stuff, made by the top of the line brands in the pharmacy or para-pharmacy so its very accessible, unlike here and the top stuff is only in the department store. so they may not have been willing to compete.

  12. Kelsey says

    Hey girls!
    I actually live in the UK although I’m American. Anyway, I’m going to high school over here and I have to say Boots is amazing! Listen to what Kathryn says because these products are great. They are very inexpensive and have a large variety of smells, products and sizes. I basically live at this store, it is my version of target over here in the UK! Take advantage!


  13. says

    You have made my day!!!  I have a drawer full of various Boots beauty items that I use sparingly as they are just the best.  Everytime I go back to the UK, I come back with a suitcase full of masks, lotions, bubble bath, etc.  I seriously can’t wait for the whole line to be introduced.

  14. says

    I am a big fan of Boots products from living in the UK.  I first noticed their products in Target last year on a small scale so it obviously proved to be worthwhile decision.

  15. Manasvi says

    How I wish that I lived close to a target… Oh well, there is always the trip to my uncle’s. Good thing he loves to take us shopping!

  16. Merry says

    I love BOOTS! I am so exicted they are here! I for one know that their wipes, their body butters, their wonderbalm and their mascara’s are FABULOUS! They have been around for 150 years, and I think they totally know what they are doing!Clearly, they have a loyal customer base, and I am one of those customers. The lip products are also great- Not every product in a particular brand speaks to everyone-I think that people should give it a try, find what they love, and stick by it!  Plus, what beats buying beauty products for LESS!

  17. sandy says

    Hey, I love Boots! I lived in London….and I’m 100% Italian. I was so happy to hear that Boots is coming to the States and ran to my local Target store in Brooklyn…and yep, they have my favorite products, including Stay Perfect Foundation in Almond (I’m a dark Italian!)—- it’s so natural and stays on forever!
    not sure if you have all your information…but Friends, run to the store and get the best that’s out there! xo

  18. sandy says

    Hey, I love Boots! I lived in London….and I’m 100% Italian. I was so happy to hear that Boots is coming to the States and ran to my local Target store in Brooklyn…and yep, they have my favorite products, including Stay Perfect Foundation in Almond (I’m a dark Italian!)—- it’s so natural and stays on forever!
    not sure if you have all your information…but Friends, run to the store and get the best that’s out there! xo

  19. Cheryl says

    I now work for Boots in a Target in Oregon. I’d never heard of the brand…and didn’t feel the texture of any of the products until training. So far, it is an excellent, caring and generous company to work for. And as for the products…very very good. Many of them remind me of Dermalogica and Murad, which I have sold previous to this job. I recently tried a sample of Boots Botanics Smoothing Facial Serum, and it is wonderful because it look like runny cake icing but melts into my skin leaving so residue or greasiness. After three nights of use, my pores are smaller and some after-blemish spots have faded greatly. Also, most of their eye treatments are designed to, amongst other tasks, eliminate puffiness. This is completely true. Because of stress (life, really) I wake up with puffy eyes. After applying this gel in a light tapping motion, the puffiness is gone. I’m impressed with how powerful these products are. And they are very affordable. An amazing night cream or eye cream for 15 buck?! I’m quite proud to sell them. I can’t wait to buy more…and even though I sell it, I hardly know where to start because I WANT IT ALL!!! And the isle is so packed with everything. You’ll enjoy being overwhelmed…and there’s testers for most products. Where there’s a beauty adviser, you’ll get free makeup application (we’re all either just really good at makeup, or professional makeup artists) and advice on any skin question.
      Some products seem almost identical, but in reality, Boots creates things designed specifically for every little skin difference people have. This might be a little greasy for someone, so they create that to suit the person. Just little changes like that. I’ve noticed a pretty broad range of tones for makeup, honestly. The foundation has been selling well to a diverse group, here.
        List of must-try’s (that I’ve tried)
          Botanics Smoothing Facial Serum
          No. 7 Purifying Mask (this is incredible)
          Wonderbalm (by Mediterranean)
          No. 7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator
          No. 7 Longer Lashes Mascara
          No. 7 Volumizing Mascara (creates volume be individualizing every lash…not by clumping)
          And No. 7 Super Slim Anti-Cellulite Contouring Balm…(you must massage vigorously into your problem areas to activate…get wild with it…scrunch your skin….this is tightening my butt!!!!!!!!)
          I don’t think I’ll have any problem naturally shifting into the entire Boots brand for me personal use…. 

  20. says

    hey i am a brit just found this site and boots r fab there huge stores over here and can i say to a post somwere on here saying that brits r racist who u do u think u r naming a whole country racist for sumthing not all of the contry has done u r the one now being racist i really think u shud think about wat u r saying becaus im british and im deffo nt racist im friends with ppl from all difernt races so think about what u say

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