New Beauty Product Line: Boots at Target

Boots, the UK based drug store chain, is the ultimate drug store, sort of like CVS, Sephora, Target, and Whole Foods all mixed into one brand. The chain has been around for like forever (over 100 years) in Britain, yet it has taken until this year for the products to make a big push stateside.  Of course…there’s only one American store smart enough to partner up with the beloved brand here in the US. That store, of course, is Target.

Boots at Target will hit stores starting this March and I can tell you it will revolutionize your drugstore beauty experience. The brand is taking over a whole aisle and some stores will even have black clad beauty advisors to help you with your choices (cause would you trust someone in a red polo and khakis to give you beauty advice? I think not..). Department store beauty lines like Origins, Clinique, etc should be very afraid because the Boots line of beauty products are not only high quality, but cost about half the price of these lines.  I mean, do you REALLY, need to spend $35 on salt scrub that costs about $.50 to make?


I’m not clicking my heels too high for the brand cause for some strange reason NONE of their make-up colors will work for women of color.  I’m not only talking about my Black sisters, but my Indian sisters, my Italian sisters, my Latino Sisters, even my Anglo sisters with a nice summer tan, won’t be able to find a make-up color that works for them. I even asked the V.P of American Stuff (I can’t remember his exact title), “where’s the products for the sistas” and he sort of brushed me off with “it’s in development” (retail speak for “Ummm we didn’t think about you people”).  I then asked him.. “has he ever been to a Target at 1pm on a Saturday? Pretty much every ethnic group you can imagine is there buying those addictive chocolates.”  Ahhh… this is just so frustrating, cause I really like their products.