Books, DVDs, CDs, and Video Games: Recycle This

Kids bored of their current video games? Already reached level 10 and no longer know what to do with themselves?

Swap it! is a community website that allows members to trade not only video games, but also books, DVDs, and CDs.

In honor of Earth Day, will be donating $1 dollar for every trade made on Earth Day to The Sierra Club.

As if getting a free book, DVD, video game or CD wasn’t enough…now by signing up and doing a trade, you will also be donating to America’s oldest and largest environmental organization on Swaptree’s dime! reports that in recent studies, it was estimated that every book contributes 8.85 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, while every CD or DVD contributes 2.2 pounds. Furthermore, 100,000 pounds of CDs and DVDs (and their nasty chemicals) are deposited in US landfills every month, while the book industry chops down in excess of 19 million trees yearly. Obviously reducing the consumption of these items would have a positive impact on the environment.

Share and share alike! (It’s not just for kindergarteners anymore!)

How does it work?

1. Go to and sign up.

2. List the items that you have for trade as well as the items you’re hoping to score.

3. Swaptree’s fancy trade algorithms instantly show you all of the items you can receive in trade. Ohhhh! Ahhhh! We love being lazy and letting the algorithms work for us!

4. Print the postage label directly from your web browser.

5. Feel superior to those suckers who are still buying new. Yeah, that’s right. Nothin like a good dose of Eco Ego in honor of Earth Day!

So, how much is this swap going to set you back? Postage. You heard us right. Swaptree doesn’t charge a dime for listing items or trading items! Nothing. Your only expense is paying the shipping of your item. And almost everything can be shipped for less than $2.50.

And if you want to be even cheaper, and even more local…Swaptree will try to find a trade for you with a member right down the street, or with one of your friends or co-workers, so you can just forget about postage and hand your item over in person. Now you aren’t paying a dime!

Swap away!

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