Fashion Overload

Sometimes, the shopping experience is more important than the purchase. If you don’t agree with that sentence, skip on, which is kind of like “eBay with a face.” Users interact with each other on a personal level, buying and selling items that range from classic records to Chanel purses.

Buyers can look at items posted in the past 24 hours, browse items by category, and check out the bonanza (online garage sale) schedule. Each bonanza has a unique theme and percentage discount offered. If you’re looking for sellers in your zip code, Bonanzle will capture your IP address and point you in the right direction! A little spooky, but hey, it works. Much like Craigslist, you can even track down “freebies.”

Bonanzle Site Review

What’s on sale at right now that you might care about? A $499 Louis Vuitton purse, a $60 Simone Perele bra, an $8 headband, a $9.95 knit cover-up from CHICO’S, and $32 pink satin heels. You get the picture.

While Bonanzle has a nifty search filter and a friendly and active community, it’s a little confusing and cluttered. For those who have the patience to explore it, it’s a great place to find affordable, one-of-a-kind, new and vintage clothes and accessories. But for those who know exactly what mass-produced item they want, Craigslist and auction sites like eBay are way more straightforward.