Bold Nails for Fall ‘09

What: Fancy jewelry and expensive handbags are so 2008. Manicured nails are the fashion statement of 2009, now that striped metallics, earth tones, and custom-designed nails are all en-vogue. For budget babes interested in doing their own nails at home, experts recommend choosing bold colors—like blood red—or painting dark hues over the top of more opaque pink polishes to get the runway look at home.

What the Behnaz Sarafpour‘s runway blended right into the black and gray heavy collection, and the look is easily achieved at home.”

What We Say: Playing with your nail color is a great—and inexpensive—way to update your fall wardrobe. Whether you choose to do them on your own or have a manicurist handle the job, push the envelope a bit with a bright new hue. We’re big fans of Sally Hansen’s new line of HD nail color.

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  1. Neena says

    I’ve read that matte shades are all the rage this fall as well. Also available at the local drugstore for DIY – budget is key!

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