Bold Lashes, Bad Habits, and Favorite Gadgets

Fall has officially begun and we can’t wait to bust out our new looks for the season.  While we look forward to the hottest trends, here’s what you had to say about the hottest topics of the week in our Daily Polls.:

Bold Lashes, Bad Habits,and More

~ Mascara, false lashes, and eyelash curlers can really make your eyes pop. When we asked TBF readers how they add volume to their lashes, 41% said they use a good mascara, while an additional 41% use an eyelash curler.  9% use a great celebrity make-up trick and apply false eyelashes for extra drama.  But another 6% use nothing at all- their eyes look great au natural.

~ Retailer specific credit cards are notorious for their high interest rates, but it can be tempting to sign up when salespeople offer you instant savings on a purchase.  Most of our savvy readers (43%) know to avoid this type of credit card, but a responsible 39% always pay the total balance each month on the one or two they have.  10% have more than two but also always stay on top of their balances.  Only 5% of card holders have trouble paying off their balance of the one or two cards.

~ When we regular gals are constantly exposed to unattainable standards of beauty on TV, in magazines, and movies, it can be hard to feel great about your own natural beauty.  That’s why a number of our readers struggle, at least from time to time, with their self confidence.  8% said they just don’t like what they see in the mirror, while 32% admit they only feel pretty about half of the time.  43% usually feel good about their looks, but still confess to feeling down about themselves every once in a while. Only 15% said they feel great: even if they’re not perfect, they still know how to work it.  So come on ladies, take a tip from that 15% and love what you’ve got! After all, nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman.

~ A decade ago, the word accessories definitely meant jewelry, bags, and sunglasses.  But today, the term has come to include the fashionable gadgets that have become a part of our everyday lives.  Not surprisingly, the iPod was voted the number one “must-have” gadget among TBF readers, trailed by the Blackberry at 18%.  iPhones were a little less popular at 13% and laptops earned 12% of the vote.  Interestingly enough, 20% of our fashion forward readers confess that when it comes to technology, they’re a little behind the curve!

~ Whether you bite your nails, play with your hair, or over pluck your brows, most of us have at least one bad beauty habit.  Pimple popping topped our list with a whopping 47%, followed by nail biting at 11%.  5% of readers play with their hair and 4% go a little overboard with the tweezers.  15% said they suffer from multiple afflictions and only 6% were habit free.

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