Dresses on Sale at Bluefly

What: Dresses by Vera Wang, Tart, C+C California and many other designers are up to 50% off right now on Bluefly.

What We Say: We think it’s time for us to invest in a classic, gorgeous dress that we can wear for years without getting bored. Or maybe that’s just the influence of looking through pages of pretty dresses and imagining ourselves wearing them. In any case, 40% is a good chunk of the price, and some of these dresses are knocked down to below 100 bucks. Wear these dresses to dinners, graduations, outdoor weddings…this summer, and the next.

Check out our choices:

This Vera Wang dress “>strapless Vera Wang dress transcends fads—it’s simple and classy. Pair with a white floppy hat and people will think you’re going to a ritzy country club. Now $209.99, was $430.00

This little black dress by C+C California is cinched at the waist and the rouching over the bodice creates texture. Now only $83.00, down from $138.00.

Pictured: This Cynthia Steffe”>Cynthia Steffe dress is very cheerful and made with silk satin—you can’t help but smile at the colorful waves. Now $198.00, was $330.00.

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  1. toodles865 says

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