Tinsel You Can Wear: Metallics At Bluefly

Rule #3: When in doubt ask a friend. This is actually a good rule for any fashion risk you might be considering — just make sure it’s the friend that will tell you when you have food in your teeth, and not the friend you count on to say you never look fat.

Another rule? Don’t go super cheap for metallics (cause they’ll often look the part) — but that’s not to say you have to spend a fortune. Metallic pieces we like for just a little less, at Bluefly.com.

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Our Picks
Metallics At Bluefly
1. Chaiken graphite metallic silky origami dress, $139.99
2. Eryn Brinie grey metallic stripe belted snap front vest, $55.99

bluefly best deals

3. Matty M Pearl Metallic Open Weave Sequin Dolman Top, $52
4. BCBGMAXAZRIA Black Metallic Cropped Jacket, $132.99

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