Blue Nails: Beauty Trend 2008

What: Blue nail polish is the new black, or silver, or red.
What the experts say: The Los Angeles Times recently reported that if you think blue nail polish is only for high schoolers, you are so out of it: “The unexpected cool color is the latest in fingertip chic.

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  1. Karinalicious says

    Yay! I’ve been rocking the blue nail polish for a while now, And matched with my angled bob with bangs I’m all set for the new trends!

  2. says

    What goes around comes around. I remember when Hard Candy introduced colors other than traditional red and pink. I think it was around 1995. I rushed out after a day of teaching middle-schoolers to buy myself a bottle at Saks. The only “color” left was gray. I bought it anyway so I could wear the little plastic ring that came with the bottle!

    Fast forward 12 years.
    Now I’m a mom of two and in the PTA—not sure how blue nail polish would go over at our next meeting.

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