Bloomspot: Group Buying for Those Who Like the Finer Things in Life

You’ve got Groupon, you’ve got Yipit, you’ve probably got a few other deal sites that that you check out each morning while you’re (ahem) working. So is there a need for yet another one?

Our Review: on paper seems to be totally similar to the abovementioned and therefore a bit redundant, but we checked it out and found that it’s not quite the same thing. You do get targeted local deals based on your selected preferences so in that sense this is old hat for you, we’re sure. But Bloom Spot’s niche is higher-end packages, or at least classier ones than the all-you-can-drink beer specials sometimes thrown your way on Groupon. Not that we’re judging all-you-can-drink beer (never!) but there’s a time and a place.

Anyway, this site focuses on travel getaways, spas, beauty, events and some fashion deals all for pretty good prices relatively speaking. We really like the fitness and beauty deals on the site, which include Pilates packages for a steal, hotel and spa packages for a great value (though not inexpensive) and lots more — we feel more zen just looking at these features. Namaste.

Verdict: If you’re a classy lady, or you at least know some of them, this site could do you well. If you’ve been thinking of getting a friend or loved one a massage or the like for the holidays this seems like a great place to start.