Bloomspot: Group Buying for Those Who Like the Finer Things in Life

You’ve got Groupon, you’ve got Yipit, you’ve probably got a few other deal sites that that you check out each morning while you’re (ahem) working. So is there a need for yet another one?

Our Review: on paper seems to be totally similar to the abovementioned and therefore a bit redundant, but we checked it out and found that it’s not quite the same thing. You do get targeted local deals based on your selected preferences so in that sense this is old hat for you, we’re sure. But Bloom Spot’s niche is higher-end packages, or at least classier ones than the all-you-can-drink beer specials sometimes thrown your way on Groupon. Not that we’re judging all-you-can-drink beer (never!) but there’s a time and a place.

Anyway, this site focuses on travel getaways, spas, beauty, events and some fashion deals all for pretty good prices relatively speaking. We really like the fitness and beauty deals on the site, which include Pilates packages for a steal, hotel and spa packages for a great value (though not inexpensive) and lots more — we feel more zen just looking at these features. Namaste.

Verdict: If you’re a classy lady, or you at least know some of them, this site could do you well. If you’ve been thinking of getting a friend or loved one a massage or the like for the holidays this seems like a great place to start.

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  1. John D Searle says

    If you own an upscale establishment with a high quality clientele, I would not advise to use these kind of bargain, or discount seeker customer providers.
    Bloomspot may be a way to get clients if you are opening a new business to the public, they will help you, Like Groupon and others, to get this kind of clients. But be aware that bargain seekers may not be the kind of clients you want to have. They won’t be back with regular prices. That is a fact through market studies around the world. If your business are already established do not even try this kind of system because your regular clients will feel cheated and you may loose a lot of them. So be very careful with this kind of collaborators.
    Prof. Jonh D. Searle
    School of Economics

  2. Benjamin Blake says

    I take good advantage of this offers by bloomspot, goupon, Yipit, etc. and of course I wouldn’t pay full price for products and services that I may get with big discounts.

  3. Dan says

    Bloom Spot has way too many issues with their customers. I’ve purchased a deal and went to the store where the deal is offered, found out that the store is out-of-business. WTF !! Called BloomSpot, …..

    Called them and some dude picked up the phone and said he is going to have the customer service manager call me because he could not help me. A week passes by, never heard from them. Called back again, left a msg.. and no return calls. Finally talked to some stupid girl that did not know what she was talking about and could not find the name of the store in her computer, the store where i should be claiming my goods. She was rude and hung up on me. Called again, and someone else picks up the phone, this time it was a Sr. Sales Rep, who finally resolved my problem by issuing a credit (minus 25% restocking FEE), WTF??, what do you mean restocking FEE ?! i say to him, his response was, “Sir, that is just our policy”, talked to a manager who re-insisted to charge me the 25% restocking fee !!! i said fine, credit back my CC asap. So i lost money, time, and gas dealing with this company, thinking that i can get the goods for cheaper price. THINK AGAIN PEOPLE…! don’t even try this company. Stay away….

  4. Martin says

    I couldn’t disagree with the comments by John D. Searle
    above more…I am a well educated successful business professional who does not have a problem with paying for the finer things in life. This does not mean I do not like special offers nor does it mean that I will not pay full price for a service, hotel, restaurant etc. once I purchased it at a special offer through Bloomspot. I signed up with Bloomspot because the caliber of businesses they have participating and the special offers are top notch. There are so many businesses out there that claim to have upscale offerings, I have experienced paying full price and being terribly disappointed never to go back. Bloomspot is a soft entry to an experience that I will continue to embrace if I feel the service, company or organization is worthy. Bloomspot has introduced me to businesses that I may have not known about or differentiated from the rest…once I walk through the door, it is the responsibility of the business to satisfy me…not Bloomspot. If I leave happy, I will continue to come back. Please do not generalize or stereotype me. I have no problem with my current favorite spas, salons, restaurants marketing special offers to bring in customers. I don’t feel cheated because I am satisfied and they are running a business I hope will be around for a long time. I want them to be successful and thrive because I want them around. That’s also what word of mouth is about. If I hear of a deal for my favorite place, I will let my friends and family know as well.

  5. Courtney says

    I am currently in the same boat as Dan. I’ve been dealing with the company for a week trying to get refunded after they charged my account twice. I originally wanted to keep my order, but as of today I’m asking for a full refund of everything so I don’t have to deal with them anymore. I’ve tried calling the number they provide, but have had to leave messages. The only way they communicate with me is through email, which has caused more miscommunication. It’s something completely simple that could have been fixed if someone would just call me back like I’ve asked time and time again. I will never do business with Bloomspot again, and I plan on posting negative comments about it anywhere I can so that others don’t end up in the same situation I’m in.

  6. Unsatisfied says

    I purchased a deal from bloomspot – when I finally went to use the deal, I was informed that the service was no longer being offered – over a month later…I had purchased an additional deal with the same company through bloomspot and they would not refund me. VERY unsatisfied. has MUCH better customer support.

  7. Ricky says

    They have charged me twice for the same order, and I have called and e-mailed them several times, but have received no response so far. Needless to say I won’t be using or recommending their site to anybody.

  8. ABF says

    I bought a coupon through bloomspot for a beauty salon. A few days after they charged my card, they sent me an email saying that they were cancelling my deal because I did not respond to an email they supposedly sent me asking for my address. Funny thing…I never received an email from them. It was not in my junk/spam folder. I sent several messages to their customer service email …no response. Left two voicemail messages…no response. Finally got through and the rep kept saying “well,YOU didn’t respond…we sold it to someone else.” How can you respond to anything you did not receive? And, how come I never got an email asking for my address but I did get the cancellation emails? Anyway, not only was customer service extremely hard to get ahold of but they were also useless. All I got was fake sympathy. Wondering if this is some scam to collect people’s credit card numbers.

  9. steph says

    Totally agree with all the above comments. …would never buy another bloomspot deal. Purchased a bootcamp deal from bloomspot. When I emailed the bootcamp about making a reservation, I never heard back from them…so I asked bloomspot for a refund. They refused and offered bloomspot bucks instead….MAKES NO SENSE!! So i had to contest the charge with my credit card company. BLOOMSPOT SUCKS

  10. Butch says

    Bloomspot is a scam site! They bait and switch their customers. We purchased a deal to a resort, a specific resort we have enjoyed in the past. When it came time to give us the package we purchased, they tried to switch us to a different resort. They claimed that they fell out of the good graces with that resort, and that they were “upgrading” us.

    When we wanted our credit card refunded after their scam didn’t work, they said they would issue us a check in a few weeks. We have not gotten this magical check back to us yet.

    I am now starting the process of charging this back through my credit card company and contacting their state’s attorney general.

    I would highly recommend that you don’t use them, instead use a good travel agent. We ended up getting the same exact deal through ours, wish we would have just used him in the first place :(

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