Bloomingdale’s May Open Outlet Stores

What: Even the finest retailers out there have outlet stores, but not Bloomingdale’s. Well, until now apparently. The retailer is considering opening up outlet stores across the USA; it already has one for non-apparel items like furniture.

What They Say:

Bloomies didn’t comment on the rumor. While it would be a latecomer to the outlet game, it’s not a bad time to get into it. As other tenants vacate, more space is opening up in outlet malls, and they’re in general doing better than other retail.

What We Say: We wish we knew more details, and we wish this wasn’t just a rumor at the moment. With the recession, however, we don’t find it difficult to believe that Bloomingdale’s will soon venture into the outlet mall territory. Are your fingers crossed?

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  1. Vicki says

    OMG! Most definately.. I would love a Bloomies outlet especially since there are no regular Bloomingdale stores in Texas!!!

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