Blo & Go: Product Review

What: The recently popular Blo & Go infomercial hypnotized Robin to pick up the phone and charge $19.99 + shipping and handling on her credit card.

The Lowdown: The Blo & Go is one of those things that makes you kick yourself and think, “I could have come up with that!” But you didn’t.  Someone else did, someone who is probably very rich by now.  Anyhow, when I got my B&G, I immediately pulled out the directions, which are very easy to follow. Simply suction it onto a flat surface and position your blow dryer in it. Having always held the dryer in one hand a brush in the other, it took a little getting used to. But after a few minutes, the love was real. I was able to style the back of my hair without my arms getting tired!

Check out the Blo & Go Commercial

Yea or Nay: Yea. It’s a great tool to help style your hair AND save you some time in the morning.

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