Reader Review: Blister Block Stick by Band-Aid, $7

What: Lovely reader Sabina reviews the BLISTER BLOCK Stick from Band-Aid.

Price: $7.00

Product Review: BLISTER BLOCK Stick from Band-Aid

Sabina’s Opinion: This product is, straight up, the best thing to happen to women since the invention of the bra. True to its name, Blister Block, which looks like a mini-deodorant, helps prevent sores and blisters caused by uncomfortable shoes. Here’s how it works. You rub the waxy, clear stick onto parts of your feet that tend to rub up against shoes the most: ankles, joints of toes, wherever straps touch, etc. before putting on your shoes. While Blister-Block doesn’t promise a pain-free day if you’re wearing sky high heels, it will help to eliminate the battle scars that are often the byproduct of having fashionable feet.

Yea or Nay: Yea and Yea! Honestly, this product is a godsend during the summer when shoes are strappier and higher and we tend to do more walking. Mine has become a permanent fixture in my purse along with Advil and lip balm.

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  1. says

    Does anyone who has used this know if it has a slippery effect? I have problems with slipping around inside shoes (which has been helped somewhat by Summer Soles, featured on this site). I’m just wondering if the waxy texture has “grip” to it. Thanks!

  2. Mel says

    I looked at it in the store but felt like $7 for a stick of vegetable oil was a little silly.  I figured if I was desperate, I could probably use lip balm to do the same thing.

  3. Tracie says

    I bought something similar at a bike shop called Body Glide. It’s in a bigger stick for around $8 and I found that it works really good.

  4. Elizabeth says

    agreed! I first saw it advertised in Allure and I was like no way but i still bought despite the fact it looked very small and it was like 6 bucks at walmart but I am so glad it did works like a charm and now i can wear all my shoes with no problems!! :)

  5. Melissa says

    Amen to that, sister!  I think this ranks right up there with the discovery of fire.  I, too, was a tad distressed at the small size of the product, but soon overcame that because it takes so very little of it to do the job.  And, I got a coupon for two dollars off on their website.  Well worth it at the full price, though.

  6. Anna says

    I also use Body Glide.  It’s less expensive and can be used anywhere on your body that is prone to rubbing or chafing (such as when you excercise).  I love it!

  7. angel says

    i bought this product over 2 mos. ago when it first came out and it was only $3 at duane reade!! i regret not buying a dozen of these things b/c it really works and the size is convenient to throw in your purse.  apparently a lot of women think it is the best thing since EZ pass b/c of the price jump to $7.

  8. Jill says

    I bought it, and I don’t think it works.  Do you have to use tons of it, or constantly reapply, or something?  I put it on where my strappy sandals rub, and, well, they still rub…  Good to hear others are having success though!

  9. KS says

    Got it at Target for $5.29. I think the small size has its advantages – you can carry it everywhere with you in your purse (cuz you never know how the new shoes will hurt ya til you wear it for a bit, and it’ll be nice to have the blister block handy =)

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