Reader Review: Blister Block Stick by Band-Aid, $7

What: Lovely reader Sabina reviews the BLISTER BLOCK Stick from Band-Aid.

Price: $7.00

Product Review: BLISTER BLOCK Stick from Band-Aid

Sabina’s Opinion: This product is, straight up, the best thing to happen to women since the invention of the bra. True to its name, Blister Block, which looks like a mini-deodorant, helps prevent sores and blisters caused by uncomfortable shoes. Here’s how it works. You rub the waxy, clear stick onto parts of your feet that tend to rub up against shoes the most: ankles, joints of toes, wherever straps touch, etc. before putting on your shoes. While Blister-Block doesn’t promise a pain-free day if you’re wearing sky high heels, it will help to eliminate the battle scars that are often the byproduct of having fashionable feet.

Yea or Nay: Yea and Yea! Honestly, this product is a godsend during the summer when shoes are strappier and higher and we tend to do more walking. Mine has become a permanent fixture in my purse along with Advil and lip balm.

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