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What: In keeping with a trend we reported on in July, a new website,, is offering rental baubles for the want-to-have set.

The Lowdown: The site features designer jewelry, as well as watches and sunglasses, for weekly and monthly rental fees. Members ($10 per month, or $100 for the year) get reduced rental rates—a double chain silver bracelet goes for $24 per week for members ($30 for guests), while a 1.08 ct diamond ring is $100 per week ($125 for guests, natch).

The site is definitely easier to navigate than some I’ve seen, with good search functions, but the selection is somewhat limited (only 7 bracelets and 12 earring styles at the moment). And I’m not sure why, but the idea of renting sunglasses is so not appealing. Setting themselves apart: This site does give a little something extra in the form of donations to the International Rescue Committee, with 100% of the rental fees for featured charity pieces going to the cause. And that’s a good thing.

Yea or Nay: If you’re really gung-ho to have a designer piece for a big event, it could be yea. But for me, I’d rather invest my green in some lesser bling that I get to keep.

Try it: @

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