Simple, Blingy Manicure Tutorial Using Nail Strips and Polish

I’m what you’d refer to as a bit of a nail polish/nail art addict. In fact, if my house caught on fire and I could only bring a few things with me, one of those things would probably be my nail polish collection. I find that it calms my soul to apply layer after layer of lacquer and, to be honest, I love admiring my handiwork (pun intended). You know it’s a good manicure if you can’t stop staring at your fingers throughout the day.

Anyway, I like to experiment with various designs, nail polish types and stickers. For my latest manicure, I decided to give nail strips a go, but wanted to incorporate some other elements for additional zing. I promise it’s extremely easy to recreate.

Here’s a list of the items I used, but feel free to experiment with other colors and patterns:

  • Jamberry Nail Strips in Metallic Silver & White Fishnet
  • Orly Nail Lacquer in Bubbly Bombshell
  • Sinful Colors Nail Art in Flower Girl

Nail Art Made Easy!

File your nails and remove any residual nail polish. I like to apply a cuticle oil or olive oil around the cuticles to keep them healthy-looking. Massage the oil into the cuticle and then wash your hands.


Paint the Tips of Your Nails Simple, Blingy Manicure Tutorial Using Nail Strips and Polish

Paint the tips of your nails with a glitter-dense nail polish. The more glittery your nail polish is, the more blingy the end result will be. Before painting the nail polish tips, I did paint a thin layer of base coat to the tips. This prolongs the manicure and protects your nails.