Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday, the first friday after thanksgiving, has become a national sport. Serious shoppers tend to avoid the day (because it is just madness), but if you MUST shop during Black Friday, here’s some key tips to help you survive the madness.

Five black friday Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday Survival Tips

1. Determine Your Budget BEFORE You Head Out. Develop a budget the night before and stick to it.

2. Write A Shopping List. Write down a detailed shopping list, listing all the people you need to shop for, their gift and the maximum you’re willing to pay for their gift. Don’t let the lure of Black Friday force you to spend outside of your budget.

3. Do Your Research. Look through holiday circulars and check sites like Black Friday Ads for what each store is offering. Also make sure to check if the store is selling the same item (for the same price) online. You may be able to avoid the long lines.

4. Bring Supplies. Bring a bottle of water and power bars/snack packs. Bring a foldable luggage cart if you plan on purchasing a large number of items. Dress in layers, so you can add and subtract clothing based on the stores temperature.

5. Shop Alone. I find it easier to focus, when power shopping, if I shop alone. There’s an exception to this rule. Boyfriends/Husbands/Partners are great for carrying bags and watching purses.