Kathryn’s Black Friday Tips

The Budget Fashionista’s Holiday Shopping Guide Series shares shopping tips and advice to help you save money this holiday season. For more posts in the series, visit our Holiday Shopping Guide

Heading out to the store on Black Friday? Then make sure you read my tips for shopping black friday.

Kathryn’s black friday Kathryns Black Friday Tips Tips

1. Determine Your Budget BEFORE You Head Out. Develop a budget the night before and stick to it. If you’re apt to give in to temptation, and if you’re able to pay with cash instead of credit (ALWAYS a good idea), leave the credit cards at home and pay either with a set amount of cash or a prepaid Visa card.

2. Make A Shopping List. Write a detailed (and legible) shopping list, including all the people you need to shop for, their gift and the maximum you’re willing to pay for their gift. Keep the list out while you’re shopping, and have a pen handy to jot notes and check off items as you shop.

3. Do Your Research. Set aside an hour or two in advance (perhaps while you’re digesting Thanksgiving dinner and everyone else is in a turkey coma on the couch) to look through holiday circulars and online deal clearinghouses like Black Friday Ads for what each store is offering. Also make sure to see if the item is available online for the same price. You may be able to avoid the long lines.