Where to Find Black Friday Deals

I’m not a big Black Friday shopper. It’s not that I don’t enjoy saving money (you know I love a deal), but it seems like the extreme deals offered on that day (laptops for $200 bucks) bring out the worst in people. I’ve seen children elbowed, old women trampled on, and one woman literally have several tracks of her weave ripped from her head.

This doesn’t appeal to me.

But I DO know that many of the 30,000 daily readers of this site, live for Black Friday. So, for you, here’s a list of some excellent sites that post up to the minute info on the latest black friday deals.

Where to Find the Scoop onBlack Friday Deals:

  • Black Friday Ads. Organized like a blog, offers a short analysis of the deal, which can be helpful in determining specific deals. However, this site seems to be geared towards tech stores (Circuit City, Best Buy, etc)
  • Black Friday Info. This well organized site offers the same coupons as Black Friday ads without any of the commentary. Beware though, some of the ads aren’t really Black Friday ads, but coupon codes to online stores.
  • Black Friday @ Gottadeal.com. One of the first and one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to Black Friday deals. Offers full descriptions of the deals, a large list of stores, and a pretty awesome black friday forum (this is where you can really find the scoop on great deals).
  • The Black Friday. The site is really just a list of links to various black friday deals. Great if you don’t need any details and/or are in a hurry.


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  1. Amy says

    I’ve always said that Black Friday shopping is for amatuers (sp?). True bargain shoppers know when/how to get real bargains throughout the year, not just on one day when retailers bring in a lot of sub-quality merchandise as loss leaders just to lure people in. And seriously, getting up before dawn when I have a day off from work is NOT appealing to me in any way. I’ll be sleeping in and intentionally abstaining from shopping on BF.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Dianna says

    I actually like Black Friday,  But I am out of the norm. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I am shopping for myself.    This year my mother and I are going just as a fun thing to do.  We know that we might not get the stuff we want and that there is going to be some crazy people.  We see as an adventure.

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