Black Friday Hype?

We’ve heard the horror stories, and maybe contributed to them as well.  The stampede of shoppers at 5am.  Waiting in line in the blistering cold to get IN the store.  Black Friday has a bit of a rep.  Yet, according to an article on Adweek, the stories may be a bit hyped up too.

According to Adweek, Black Friday isn’t *gasp* the busiest shopping day of the year.  (FYI: It’s actually Dec. 24.  Last minute shopping, eh?)  In the past, businesses have seen Black Friday as a good measure of how the economy was doing.

Yet, retail historian and author of Category Killers: The Retail Revolution and Its Impact on Consumer Culture Robert Spector says that Black Friday is “overrated.  Retailers use it to create a sense of excitement to get you to come in.”

Last year, 212 million consumers spent $45 billion on Black Friday.  Ok, these numbers sounds HUGE for us normal folks, but experts say that Black Friday numbers aren’t as significant with new shopping traditions like Cyber Monday.  The trend is that more shopping is happening before Black Friday.

What do you think?  Is Black Friday still THE shopping day for the holiday season, or is it just a bunch of marketing hype?

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  1. says

    Marketing hype! I’ve been watching the offers closely and I’ve noticed that many offers are not the best deals I’ve seen on items. In addition, some of the lowest prices advertised are on items that have a questionable quality.

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