BG Haute: Site Review

We’re working girls, so we don’t frequently have formal events to attend—but when we do we want to look chic. And even if we’re not hitting a ballroom anytime soon we know that plenty of you are (prom, weddings, charity balls, take your pick) so we like to point you in the right direction when we can. Because, let’s face it, finding formal wear that doesn’t look like either Madonna’s prom dress or your Aunt Edna’s 75th Anniversary ensemble isn’t easy. So caught our attention with the promise of fashionable gowns at a glance.

Our Review: The site is simple—select your category from the drop-down menu (Prom, Homecoming, Evening, or Pageant), and view the dress styles. Many of the dresses are a step—or six—above what we might find at the local Brides-R-Us, but when we clicked on the style we liked (this shimmery strapless number, for example) we discovered that we can’t actually order anything here, but rather locate stores near us that would carry or (presumably) order it for us.

Again, the dresses are pretty—but the selection is limited in areas (the “Pageant” category, for example, was empty at this writing), and we really have no idea what differentiates the “Prom” dresses from the “Homecoming” dresses other than a few spring colors.

So what the site is, basically, a brand site (BGHaute, formerly Sherri Hill) that gave us some good ideas for styles we like and maybe a lead on a dress that’s a bit out of the ordinary, but that’s about it. No prices either, so we haven’t got a clue if we’re even in our budget comfort zone …

The Verdict: Nay. Check it out for ideas, but don’t expect anything earth-shattering. And you still have to actually go shopping. Sigh.

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