Beyonce – Not So Fierce?

What: VMA show stealer Beyonce Knowles had planned to launch a fragrance called Fierce in 2010. However, Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to steal her thunder. The retailer’s suing the pop star because it already has a “signature scent” called Fierce.

What They Say:

In a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, Abercrombie claims a fragrance under the singer’s “Sasha Fierce” label “poses a likelihood of confusion” with the retailer’s own “Fierce” brand.

What We Say: We think this is probably just a way for A&F to bring attention to its $40 per oz perfume. Probably gonna be good advertising all around. But in the end – we really couldn’t care less if another celebrity is able to launch a fragrance or not.