Beyonce – Not So Fierce?

What: VMA show stealer Beyonce Knowles had planned to launch a fragrance called Fierce in 2010. However, Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to steal her thunder. The retailer’s suing the pop star because it already has a “signature scent” called Fierce.

What They Say:

In a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, Abercrombie claims a fragrance under the singer’s “Sasha Fierce” label “poses a likelihood of confusion” with the retailer’s own “Fierce” brand.

What We Say: We think this is probably just a way for A&F to bring attention to its $40 per oz perfume. Probably gonna be good advertising all around. But in the end – we really couldn’t care less if another celebrity is able to launch a fragrance or not.


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  1. Fashionista23 says

    The smell of Fierce makes me want to gag. Having worked for them for waaaayyyy too long, I want them to just go away already. That scent is horrible! When people hear the name Fierce no one thinks of A&F anyway and even if they do, they associate it with a foul, excessive stench clogging their sinuses and throat passage in the process of just looking for a pair of jeans (or walking by an A&F store).

    I love “B” and I would imagine her scent is far better. This entire suit is asinine and it will clearly fall through. There can be NO confusion between these scents I’m sure.

  2. Ali says

    Beyonce is the fiercest person ever.  Abercrombie & fitch, no matter how successful they have been, have no right to claim that she stole it when she simply IS fierce. it doesn’t work.

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